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  • Attitude Week 8/19/19 
  • Preparation Week 8/26/19 
  • Perseverance Week 9/2/19 
  • Respect Week 9/9/19
  • Honesty Week 9/16/19
  • Integrity Week 9/23/19
  • Courage Week 9/30/19
  • Appreciation Week  10/7/19
  • Composure Week 10/14/19
  • Empathy Week 10/21/19
  • Gratitude Week 10/28/19
  • Tolerance Week 11/4/19
  • Sacrifice Week 11/11/19
  • Loyalty Week 11/18/19
  • Responsibility Week 12/2/19
  • Compassion Week 12/9/19
  • Leadership Week 12/16/19
  • Character Week 1/6/20  

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Welcome to Sharyland Alternative Education Center!

The place where we CHOOSE to teach what is NOT the usual or conventional!  The place where leaders will instill and model what is NOT the usual or conventional!!  The place where we are NOT afraid to make the right choices!!!   Be a leader that CHOOSES to be the ALTERNATIVE!!!!!  Be an educational model and teacher that CHOOSES to do what is NOT usual or conventional!!!!!!!Together WE are the ALTERNATIVE!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to the Sharyland Alternative Education Center!  
Together Everyone Achieves More1

Rise To Excellence Workshop presented by The Sendero Group’s Heath Smith at the historic Shary Mansion



 Students and Staff develop a Social Contract for the 2018-2019 school year


SAEC celebrating KINDNESS Matters!  The week of 1/28/19 began with The Great Kindness Challenge checklist.  Each student was encouraged to check off challenges such as: Smile at 25 People, Say “Good Morning” to 15 People, Make a New Friend, Thank a Bus Driver, Be on Time for School, etc. 

At SAEC, we are “Reaching Out our KIND-Hearted Hands” to help make this a kinder world.  


Surrounding ourselves with Positive KIND slogans reminds us that we have a responsibility to improve school climate and make someone’s day.  


SAEC wrapped up KINDNESS Matters with a photo op and a simple message of:  BE KIND!


Texas A&M Agrilife at SAEC

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