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Sharyland High School AEP-Math
My Schedule
1st Block 9:00-10:05 Algebra I
2nd Block 10:05-11:10 Algebra 1
3rd Block 11:10-12:15 Elective
4th Block 1:45-2:50 Elective
5th Block 2:50-3:55 Study Island
Tutoring Time 7:45 AM - 9:00 AM

Robert Ho-Shing, MA, BS.
Certified Novell Administrator Certified Microsoft Professional
Certified in High School Math(8-12), Certified Principal (K-12)
Sharyland High School AEP-Math
Room 103
(956) 580-5300 Ext 1412

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Texas at El Paso, and I had completed course work in two Master’s Degree programs related to Electrical Engineering and Computer Resources and information management. I was certified as both as a Novell administrator and a Microsoft professional. I am certified in High School Math(8-12) and also hold the Principal (k-12) certification.
I have been teaching Math at Sharyland High School -AEP since 2008.I have also taught High School Math at I.R.R.R.A. and Mercedes High School. Prior to that, I taught Computer Science at the South Texas College as a college instructor.
I had been the director of Information Services for Doña Ana County, I came to the Doña Ana County from the Ysleta Independent School District, where I had been the executive director of technology and information systems . Prior to that, I was a network manager for the El Paso County Health and Environmental Division for five years, and a computer programmer/analyst for J&D Expo Productions in Canoga Park, Calif.
I look forward to a great school year.    

Grading Policy 

Algebra 1
Sharyland High school Syllabus

Algebra I

Syllabus 2013-2014

Mr.Robert Ho-Shing


AlgebraI includes the introduction of variables, constants, expressions, equations,and functions. The language of numbers is examined. Topics include solvingequations, simplifying expressions, understanding order of operations,performing operations with positive and negative numbers, exploringpolynomials, factoring, graphing ( linear and quadratic equations), workingwith radicals, and expanding arithmetic knowledge.



Students will acquire and demonstrate knowledge of concepts,definitions, properties, and applications of the topics listed above as well asdevelop the computational skills and strategies needed to solve problems.Students will develop critical thinking and decision making skills byconnecting concepts to practical applications.


Grading:  60% Major Assignments (Tests,Projects, Writing Assignments)

                  40% Minor Assignments (Homework, Classwork,Quizzes)                 



The Algebra I will curriculum consists of Sharyland ISDteacher developed Scope and Sequence. The 5E Learning Cycle Model will be implemented in Algebra I to insureRigor and Relevance.  The new state exam(STAAR/EOC) requires a more in-depth analysis of Algebra I.  Thus sequencing through unit basedinstruction will be used in conjunction with and not limited to Saxon and otherresources to ensure a higher level of cognitive learning and understanding ofAlgebra I.


CBA’s (CurriculumBased Assessments):

As per Sharyland ISD, CBA’s (CurriculumBased Assessments) will be administered.  A total of 2 CBA’s will be administered.  For the regular block classes which last onesemester in length, CBA 1will serve as the first semester exam.  CBA 2 will serve as the second semester examor final exam.  Reviews will beadministered for the CBA’s.  The purposeof the CBA’s is to get our students ready for the STAAR (EOC) Exam.  The STAAR (EOC) do count towards graduation.  Thus, the CBA’s hold a significant importancein the Algebra I Curriculum.


CourseCurriculum with respect to the new TEKS:

Within the next three years the course scope and sequencewill be adjusted to adapt to the new student expectations implemented by thestate. 

  All other subjects syllabus are follow by individual  student teacher's syllabus.