Substance Abuse Prevention Services (S.A.P.S.) is a 40-school day (8-week) alternative education placement at the       Sharyland Alternative Education Center (SAEC), for Sharyland ISD students in grades 9-12; who have committed a drug or       alcohol offense while on campus or at an event of Sharyland ISD.  Students are identified as candidates based on a review of       past discipline infractions as well as first time offenders.  Once a student has been selected for the program, the student and       parent must agree to program expectations.


 Students are required to complete 40 successful days of attendance in the S.A.P.S. program in order to be exited back into their respective high schools.  In addition, successful completion of the program requires students to attend weekly counseling sessions located at the SAEC in Portable 27 on Tuesday nights from 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm.  The 1st/3rd Tuesday is Family Counseling, while the 2nd/4th Tuesday is designated for Peer Group Counseling.  Parent(s) and student are required to attend two family meetings during the students’ enrollment in the S.A.P.S. program.