Annie Priolo / High School

Mrs. Ann Marie Priolo M.Ed., MS
(956) 580-5300  Ext 1460
Educator for SAEC/Substance Abuse Program of Sharyland (SAPS)
Principal (EC-12)
Secondary Math (6-12)
Secondary Life-Earth Science (6-12)
Elementary (grades 1-8) 
English as a Second Language (1-12) 
 My passion is helping students to bridge the gap to their achievements. 
"Today you are a clean slate."
SAPS offers students, who are first time offenders with a drug or alcohol related infraction, a 40 day placement with the opportunity to address alcohol and substance abuse issues while remaining active in their current classes. Mandatory random weekly drug-testing (6 of them paid for by the student) is a critical component of this program. Students participate in daily counseling sessions with our licensed substance abuse counselor, Mr. Alfred Crixell Jr., M.Ed.. They also participate in Tuesday Night Peer Counseling Sessions (twice a month) during their tenure at SAEC and for the next three months upon return to their main campus. In addition, their families participate in two Tuesday Night Family Night Counseling Sessions.  We also incorporate community service and visits from special guests. Please contact us if you would like more information.
" Discipline is the  bridge between your goals and your accomplishments"
 - Jim Rohn
Electives Lab enables SAEC students to complete coursework for elective classes through approved curriculum (some may be online) or cooperation with their main campus teacher.