Junior High DAEP

Introduction:  A referral to the AEP program is to be seen as a temporary setting for the students.  A referral may occur due to a single incident of such gravity that expulsion from the home campus may be merited:  or it may be due to a series of incidents clustered under “persistent misbehavior.”


Placement in AEP, in any case, is a consequence to behaviors unacceptable in the school setting.  From the student’s perspective, AEP may be seen as a punishment.  However, punishment is not the intent.  Removal of a student from the regular education setting serves two purposes:  (1) it provides the students in the classroom the opportunity to learn in an environment that is free from disruptive or harmful behavior (2) and allows time for the placed student and the campus to make necessary behavioral adjustments so that return to the regular education setting can occur.